Usability Tests

The general objective is to check a website or a mobile app by analysing the strengths and weaknesses regarding content, navigation and lay-out. Any type of context (E-commerce, media, corporate) can be analysed.

What for?

The combination of observation and interview sequences allows:

  • To check the reality of behaviours in front of the website or app: spontaneous navigation, possible hesitations or errors.
  • To understand the drivers of this behaviour.
  • To assess the strengths and weaknesses.
  • To lead to actionable recommendations in terms of content, lay-out and navigation.

How it works?

The method combines interview phases with direct observation of website visits:

  • The observation of site visits gives us an objective look at the real use of the site, the paths taken, learning process, and possible problems of understanding.
  • The interview phase provides an opportunity for spontaneous comments, in-depth analysis of motivations, and actionable expression of visitors' expectations.

Why our solution is unique?

We use specific technologies to track users’ online behaviour and UX analytical frameworks to scan all components of users’ experience.

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