Video Mystery Shopping – Closer to real

Video research can get us closer to real, consumer-led insights. So, shouldn’t you put video at the centre of more of your mystery shopping?

Consumer insights need to be grounded in reality, and Mystery Shopping is a prime example of how Ipsos has accomplished this for decades. However, developments in technology are helping us: covert video capture is becoming easier and more cost-effective. Video enables us to capture real situations, language and behaviours to give a more rounded, richer evaluation of consumers’ experiences.

Experiences captured by video tell us when and how staff interact with customers, revealing how staff actually behave and what they say, which may be slightly different to what conventional mystery shopping might tell us. We can also create the opportunity to learn things that we might not have thought to explore at all, by capturing the entire customer journey.

Video allows you to see some of the more subtle nuances of each interaction: voice tone, body language, facial expressions, etc, and records the order in which information is given. Having the customer-staff interaction videoed clearly removes any doubt about what did or did not take place. Put simply, the video can’t lie.

A video contains more data points than any questionnaire response and significantly more words than a response to an open-ended question and ensures that the ‘real view’ from your customer’s eyes are made visible. Seeing things as they really happen is an extremely powerful tool for shaping and improving both staff behaviour and sales performance.

Each video recording is supplied by our on-line platform together with a report evaluating the experience. Importantly, you can demonstrate both strengths as well as highlighting areas that are in need of improvement. And finally, please remember that employers should inform staff that they might be videoed but emphasise that the only thing that will be videoed is what happens in front of customers.

For more information about video mystery shopping, our experienced panel of video assessors or any other part of our offer, please contact us on the details below.