WEBINAR | The Future of Public Services

Public perceptions of the social contract and priorities for the local and national public sector have all been disrupted during the last few months. Looking at where we started, public opinions and the trends affecting society before the pandemic, and where we are now as we begin to relax the lockdown period, our experts identify the drivers of change that might create headwinds and opportunities for public policy in 2020-21.

Most Britons are confident that public services can adapt following the coronavirus pandemic (some more than others), but they think they will have to – 7 in 10 expect changes to our public services because of the outbreak. We will discuss the barriers and ways this might happen.”

Join Gideon Skinner, Research Director in Ipsos MORI’s Politics and Society team, and Sarah Castell, Head of Futures, to explore the future of public services in the UK.

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