Most Influential Brand 2018 Sverige

For the sixth consecutive year, Ipsos Sweden presents the top 10 results from its annual Most Influential Brands study. Which brands makes an impact in our daily lives and what makes a brand truly influential?

While Google is consistently seen as the most influential company among the Swedes, several domestic brands are in the fight for the top spot. Ipsos’ study reveals other contenders that are breaking through the noise and are becoming an increasingly vital part of our way of living.


But what does being influential mean?

Being influential simply means having an impact in in our daily life. Influential brands are guiding us through life by helping us feel meaningful, making smarter choices or by reflecting our personal values. Influential brands are the ones we trust – the ones that truly matters to us. What makes some brands more influential than others and why? Ipsos surveyed 1600 Swedish citizens to rate 10 randomly assigned brands in January 2018 and a total of 160 brands were studied in various industries. Our research has identified five key drivers that are fundamental for companies to build influence: 

  • Leading edge
  • Trustworthy
  • Engagement
  • Presence
  • Corporate citizenship


Do you want to know more about the drivers of influence and see the entire top 10 list?

Download the report below. If you have any further questions about the survey or the brands, please contact Lindsay Troy


Most Influential Brand 2018 Ipsos


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