Most Influential Brand in Sweden

Which Brands make an impact in our daily life? What makes a Brand truly influential? For the fifth consecutive year Ipsos Sweden presents the results from its annual Most Influential Brand study.


  • Lindsay Troy Ipsos Connect, Sverige
  • Jacob Berglund Junior Research Executive
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While Google is still seen as the most influential company among Swedes, Ipsos study reveals several other contenders that are breaking through the noise and becoming a vital part of peoples’ lives.


Top 10


1. Google –  The giant of search engines that moved into our home. 

The undisputed champion for the fifth consecutive year is Google. The small search engine, originally from Palo Alto has evolved into Sweden’s most influential brand. Anyone “Googled” something within the last day? Probably most us have done even this morning. Despite its dominance as the number one search engine Google has stretched its portfolio and moved into hardware solutions. Last year, the company shipped over 30 million units globally of its streaming dongle Chromecast[1] but is currently moving away from peoples living rooms. With their smartphone Pixel, Wi-Fi solution and VR-product Daydream the tech-giant is literally moving into other areas in people´s homes - becoming an even larger part of our daily lives.          



2. IKEA – The home furnishing company that’s with you ‘where life happens’.


3. ICA – beyond a regular grocery store.


4. Facebook – The powerful social media platform working hard to take greater responsibility              


5. Youtube – Pushing the boundaries of mobility and content.              


6. Microsoft – Going back to its roots in software


7. Samsung – Recovering after the storm              


8. Apple –  A leading trendsetter still thinking different


9. SVT – Telling the truth well told 


10. Svenska Kyrkan – A powerful institution that guides us through life


Download the full report for more details.


  • Lindsay Troy Ipsos Connect, Sverige
  • Jacob Berglund Junior Research Executive

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