[WEBINAR] Affluent Americans in the Drivers’ Seat

Join Ipsos for a complimentary webinar we explore the evolving Automotive market. This webinar will feature insights uncovered by our Q3 2018 Affluent Intelligence study of the category, with implications for the future and opportunities for media and messaging. 

Like so many categories, the auto category is in a state of evolution, driven by (pun intended) technological innovations, generational change, and many other factors. These forces have significant implications for the automotive industry and so many others that are touched by it. We’ll be taking a look at these  key developments and more: 

  • Driving styles, quantity, forms and preferences: With the growing number of ways people can get from Point A to Point B, who is driving more, less and why?
  • The growing transportation “portfolio": The rise of ride-sharing, car-sharing, subscription services, and other TaaS (transportation as a service) options - who is using them, and the implications for car ownership, longer-term.
  • The perceived importance of car features and technology: What are the key drivers for purchase for different types of auto buyers and demographics?
  • Information and inspiration: What are the most important sources for shoppers at early and later stages of the journey?
  • The future of auto: What are the interest levels and consideration for electric autos, autonomous vehicles, subscription services, etc.?

As a large percentage of auto buyers, Affluent Americans and Auto Affluencers are both impacted by and are fueling the current trends. Don't miss out.

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