[WEBINAR] Testing That Saves Time & Money

Caught between the ‘insight vs. investment trade-off’ when it comes to product testing? Ipsos is freeing clients from this conundrum while saving them time & money!

Any organisation conducting product testing struggles with multi-day, central location evaluations that cover a large number of products – they are expensive, require significant time and resources for planning and can be taxing for respondents. However, these large, multi-product, multi-day evaluations have long been considered necessary for driving foundational and strategic insight, especially when it comes to consumer segmentation.

Therein lies the tension. Caught between the need for robust data and ever shrinking budgets and timelines, teams are often deterred from executing these large product tests, either eliminating them entirely from learning plans or completing far fewer.

Join us for a complimentary webinar to see how Ipsos is employing sensory product profiles to guide test designs, expediting product testing, optimization and segmentation processes, and further delivering on our promise of research that is both fast and agile. As the world’s largest product testing supplier, we think we have a solution that will change the way you think about (and pay for) multi-day product testing in the future.

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Testing That Saves Time & Money

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