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Quality Measurement

Benchmarking Quality, Product, and Buyer Experience

Measuring up to customers’ expectations and vehicle ownership position.

Understanding how you perform against key competitors is crucial to developing market strategies, driving product improvements and designing better vehicles. Ipsos conducts two benchmark programs globally, providing continuous insights to the automotive industry: Quality Club and New Car Buyer studies (NCBS).

Ipsos Quality Club programs cover more than 10 countries, collecting feedback from hundreds of thousands of customers every year in a reliable and actionable manner. Our questionnaires have been designed in a customer-friendly way to gather all the diagnostic information that engineering, manufacturing, quality, and product design teams need to identify perceived quality, as well as root causes of customer dissatisfaction and implement corrective measures.

Our New Car Buyer studies provide the automotive industry with a deep understanding of customer behaviour and attitudes towards automotive brands after purchasing a new vehicle. It also reveals the impact of the customer’s experience with different brands on their purchasing decision, and repurchase and recommendation intent. NCBS programs cover key aspects of the buying process such as purchase funnel/considerations, reasons for buying, and drivers of rejection. They also cover a comprehensive view of customer satisfaction with current product attributes, driving habits, buyers’ profile, and brand and vehicle imagery – key indicators of loyalty and advocacy. Analysing New Car Buyer data is critical to understanding how customers’ expectations of product experience are set and with which vehicles your customers are comparing their new vehicle.

The key advantages of a club versus a syndicated benchmark study include reliability of name sourcing directly from participating manufacturers. This allows for rigorous controls over accuracy and robustness of sample sizes, data collection consistency, and transparency of data processing and reporting methods.

Our Quality Feedback System (QFS) methodology, uses multiple approaches to invite customers to take our detailed yet customer-friendly survey, according to the culturally accepted and preferred method by country. Despite flexibility of invitation method (email, SMS/text, etc), all customers are directed to a globally consistent benchmark survey. Customer feedback is available to participating automotive clients within 24 hours, via our state-of-the-art Quality Connection™ reporting portal. This provides analysis from a respondent VIN (Vehicle Identification number)/level, to topline report dashboards on a fast, ongoing and consistent method across vehicles, brands, countries or regions.

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