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Commercial Effectiveness / Holistic Marketing Mix Modelling

Improving marketing performance by providing granular insights and activation guidance.

Marketing mix modelling has evolved into a predictive measurement program that encompasses a more holistic set of business drivers, including not only marketing, but sales, financial, operations, macro-economic, season, competitive and other relevant data sources that have an impact on sales. This enables companies to not only assess the historical performance and ROIs of marketing and other sales drivers, but leverage those ROIs to develop marketing plans incorporating synergistic elements that have a direct impact upon future sales.

Some Key Questions Answered:

  1. What has the historical impact of marketing activities been on sales/profits? How would changes in the budget impact future sales?
  2. What can be done to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of my marketing plans?
  3. How can I use marketing mix modeling to drive higher sales and profits?
  4. What is the optimal level of spend and mix of marketing investments by brand, sub-brand, country, region, channel and consumer segment?
  5. What can be done to optimize targeting within specific channels?
  6. What are the synergies and attribution effects within marketing as well as other key sales driver areas (price, promotion, operations, etc.)?
  7. What is the right level of cross-media attribution (e.g., TV driving search)? What is the role of paid, earned and owned media? What are the cross-media synergies?
  8. What is the impact of sponsorships, celebrity/sports endorsements, major events, social media, Shelf placement, point-of-purchase, store-in-store, weather, competition?
  9. How do operational factors such as price, new products, packaging changes, inventory and promotions influence sales?

Ipsos MMA provides clients with an integrated, ongoing solution including data management, predictive modeling, software and consulting that answers these questions and more.

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