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Global Syndicated Studies

Insight into business decision-makers and the affluent around the world.

We offer global insights into the media and consumption habits of high income consumers and senior business decision-makers in companies via two syndicated, multi-country surveys: The Affluent Study (50 countries) and Global Business Influencers (23 countries).

The Global Business Influencer (GBI) study consists of a questionnaire completed by senior business decision-makers in 23 countries. Data is collected on the media they use as well as their level of involvement in different kinds of business-to-business purchasing. In addition, we ask them about travel and consumer habits, including ownership of luxury products.

The Affluent Survey targets people in the top 15-20% of households by income in 50 countries and asks about media usage, alongside a range of behavioural and product usage information.

In both cases, the studies are used by international media owners (TV networks, newspaper and magazine publishers) and media agencies to assist in decisions about which media to use to target these groups.