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Audience Measurement

Measurement of Cross-Platform Audiences

Audience measurement across devices and platforms.

MediaCell for Cross-Platform (MXP) helps media companies offering content across multiple media and multiple platforms to understand the total size and value of their audiences and how these flow between and amongst the different video and audio platforms. Public service broadcasters, for example, often distribute content across TV, radio and online media. Historically, they have only been able to look at each separately, but not together. This data helps them to demonstrate their value to government sponsors and to see which platforms audiences are using. Similarly, advertisers often want to look at performance across different media types which, up to now, they have been unable to do using a single approach.

Ipsos has designed an application that combines the ability to measure exposure to video and audio content (MediaCell) with the ability to track online behaviour across all devices on a minute-by-minute basis. A representative sample of people is recruited and asked to install our app on their smartphone and on all the devices they use to access media content.

The system has been operating in the UK since 2018 and is the world’s first passive, single-source, multi-media, multi-platform audience measurement system.