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Monitoring Quality

Empowering auto industry decisions through credible, meaningful and easily accessible customer based information.

Ipsos is the leader in proprietary global quality tracking programs. All major global manufacturers are using our quality monitoring platforms to continuously track and monitor new vehicle quality and durability via proprietary or competitive club studies.

Improving key product indicators via proprietary tracking programs is proven to translate to improved ranking in Ipsos Club benchmark studies.

Our Quality Feedback System (QFS) and Quality Connection™ data mining and reporting portal, are designed specifically for automotive initial quality and durability tracking programs. The platform includes a proven online survey, a pre-defined battery of quality-specific questions, and an interactive web-based reporting portal. Quality Feedback System is the leading platform used by global automotive manufacturers, in 30+ markets to track initial quality.

A comprehensive approach to survey design allows our automotive clients to access customer feedback in a fast and actionable manner. It also enables them to substantiate the need for improvement in the supply chain, reduce warranty costs and prevent early recalls. Our automotive experts can support prioritisation and allocation of manufacturing and design investments to achieve the best return on customer satisfaction, improved benchmark position and, ultimately, increase customer loyalty and brand retention.

More than 8,000 members of the global automotive industry currently use the Quality Connection™ platform to continuously monitor product performance to customer expectations. Our hierarchical survey approach allows for a short and pleasant respondent experience, while extracting the most comprehensive set of ‘things-gone-wrong’ diagnostic details in the industry. The entire program, from survey invitations, reminders, surveys, post-launch assessments and the reporting platform, has been designed to deliver the most reliable, robust and actionable data in the automotive industry.

As our data collection and reporting systems are proprietary, Ipsos is in a unique position to continuously listen to our clients and automotive customers. This enables us to provide questionnaire and data delivery portals with innovations such as Text and Video Analytics and Social Media integration, in addition to ongoing updates to cover new technology and vehicle features.

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