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Pre-Launch Clinics

How to change future vehicle concepts and communication to (better) meet consumer needs.

One of the key challenges for manufacturers in the mobility industry is understanding and incorporating consumer needs and feedback. Taking place pre-launch and prior to the design-freeze, we help clients improve their odds of success by addressing one or many combinations of these issues does not seem the right way to refer to exterior and interior design, pricing, etc… – exterior and interior design, pricing, marketing and communication. The new product (and sometimes services) will be evaluated in a context where relevant competitors are presented, and insights on how to improve the product design, features, packages, and/or pricing and even marketing strategy are gathered.

While the pre-launch clinics typically involve evaluating physical prototypes and mock-ups, Virtual Reality can also be used to present more innovative ways of showing the concepts and illustrate advanced features. Consumers are invited to the venue for an in-person quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the new product.

Ipsos is in a unique position to add insights on primary consumer feedback thanks to the resources in its global network and our hubs in key automotive markets. We can also provide in-depth understanding of macro factors such as society trends due to the breadth of research topics available we cover.