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Social Media Research & Insight Services

Delivering actionable insights from social intelligence and other unstructured data sources.

Insight service teams around the world provide an in-depth understanding of consumer-generated content, taking into account industry specifics, local context and cultural nuances.

Our Social Media Research & Insight Services help brands dive deep into specific business questions and provide brands with actionable insights.

Our methodologies are regularly recognised by key research industry authorities (e.g. ESOMAR Smart Data Award 2018). We have a deep understanding of our clients, based on decades of expertise in market research and social media. This ensures that our analysis and recommendations are tailored for your specific business needs.

At the heart of everything we do is strategic value that activates new opportunities for our clients. Data remains data until we turn it into insights to generate impactful business outcomes. In addition, we live and breathe cultural diversity on a global scale. Our clients benefit from inter-disciplinary teams using their expertise in the field of technology, Artificial Intelligence, data science, and social network research.

We offer a selection of insight reports to address your business questions:

  • Market Explorer — Explore consumer needs, pain points, usage and motives, and compare insights (e.g. website data, search trends, audience insights) to drive your digital, content and consumer engagement strategy.
  • Trend Radar — A consumer-centric trend approach designed to deliver critical insights on behavioural shifts, and predictions on category trends. Beyond sizing the trend landscape, Trend Radar enables you to learn about motivations and the future impact of macro and micro trends in a category.
  • Brand Sonar — This brand health measurement program integrates various data streams for effective brand management. We use consumer-generated data and social media research to identify brand ambassadors, fill brand health knowledge gaps, and increase your brand equity and performance.
  • CX Social — Prioritise your product and service satisfaction, immerse yourself in specific issues, and track your Customer Experience over time. We derive insights from the reactions to customer service interactions and new product launches and activity.