Syndicated tracking survey in Bulgaria during COVID-19, wave 4

How consumers respond to the current situation and how to move forward

Coronavirus has created unstable environments around the world. The spread COVID-19 has made our physical and social environments increasingly fluid, operating without fixed, solid patterns. However, consumers may be more open to new ideas during a crisis since their usual habits have been interrupted. Understanding what resonates with consumers is key.

Research during a crisis can help understand what actions need to be taken now and in the future as some of the changes in attitudes and

behaviors will become permanent.

Every crisis also brings opportunity. The brands should ask themselves how they can add value in light of this new reality.

What we know

Following the success of the first three waves of our syndicated survey, we decided to continue the initiative with another waves of fieldwork in May.

As we can see from the survey results, people's attitude is changing, new behaviors are forming, and we are all curious to find out what the new "normality" will be, as well as how it will affect brands and relationships with users.

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