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User Experience (UX) Tests

How to improve driving and in-car user experience.

Driving experience, and increasingly User experience (e.g. the user/ passenger in-car experience), is becoming a major concern in the automotive field as well as mobility research. With autonomous driving and connected vehicles quickly developing, drivers and riders are presented with a plethora of new opportunities in the way they interact with the vehicle, as well as how they spend their time in the vehicle. User-experience (UX) aims to provide feedback to explore, evaluate and optimise such innovations and new opportunities stemming from innovative features, apps, or human-machine-interface (HMI) systems.

User-experience tests can be static or dynamic, and come in a wide range of sophistication. In Drive Tests, we analyse both driver and passenger reactions and behaviours on open or closed roads, or sometimes in a custom-built ‘lab’ setting depending on the stage of product development. It can also take place in a client-owned facility with advanced equipment, or simply using a tablet or mobile phone as a surrogate.

Established teams of Ipsos User Experience experts in key automotive markets offer unparalleled insights on user experience design and testing, and regardless of your needs, we can always help you set up an appropriate test.