Trust in research

Fostering trust, advocacy and motivation among research participants.

Trust in Research | IpsosTrust is critical to any business sector, just as it is essential for society to function. But it has a special significance within market research that centres around respondents. The individuals that offer up their personal opinions and data for market research purposes need to trust that it will be protected and used appropriately. They must also be engaged and motivated to participate.

We believe that securing respondent trust is a cornerstone of delivering reliable and trustworthy research insights. So, this paper explores the essential elements of trust, how to establish trust with respondents and panellists – as well as motivate ongoing engagement – and consider what is important when building long-term trust and advocacy in market research.

We share the experiences of Ipsos panelists and bring in knowledge and experience from across our Corporate Reputation, Brand Health Tracking and Social Intelligence Analytics capabilities to gather the wider view on trust.

Some key points include:

  1. A public presence (gained through participation in global and local polling, for example) provides a sense of familiarity and a base level of trust for potential participants.
  2. Continued commitment to participant data security across all modes of data collection.
  3. Reinforce the sense that each participant’s opinion is important and that, through their involvement in market research, they are participating in something bigger.
  4. As the market research industry continues to evolve, offering panelists the opportunity to participate in a variety of research activities can build and sustain their interest.