The Secret to Unleashing a Disruptive Brand? Stop Being a Victim

This report speaks to clients to find out how to survive in a transforming market and handle the changes disruption brings.

As brands struggle to survive in a transforming world, brand managers often ask: What are the driving forces behind these changes? Which changes should we pay attention to? How should we react? While these are interesting questions, they are not the only questions to ask. This paper argues it is imperative for marketers to also ask themselves:

  • Which changes in my category are truly disruptive?
  • Is my brand initiating any of these disruptions? If so, in what sense?
  • If not, how am I harnessing my brand or portfolio against these disruptions?

The report uses feedback from clients – including the role that consumers play in our transforming world – on whether a brand is a disruptor or not depends on the company’s internal strategy to manage change. Do they take ownership of the transformation? Strive to think differently? Or, set up their staff to drive change…or not.

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