The Evolution of Shopper Behaviour

Brands need to connect with shoppers in the moments that matter most.

Continued developments in digital technology and advances in e-commerce mean that the way we shop for products and services is also evolving. Technology has created a digital retail landscape that is unrestricted by geography and the normal dynamics of bricks and mortar stores. Physical stores are also changing as they not only integrate technology in-store but better connect with the digital world to increasingly deliver a seamless omnichannel offering. As a result, we need to understand these changes and their implications when planning go-to-market strategies or optimising shopping marketing programmes.

In this white paper we will look at five changes we’re experiencing, look at why it’s happening and reflect on how Ipsos is adapting to the situation in five distinct sections:

  1. Increasing complexity of choice promotes shortcuts in decision making
    Brands need to connect with shoppers in the moments that matter most, be that focusing on targeted digital marketing or ensuring optimal visibility in-store. Retailers need to think about assortment and how to make product selection as intuitive and fluid as possible.
  2. Pre-store preferences are a huge factor shaping purchases
    This means brands need to maintain mental saliency to be top of mind or at least in the (conscious/sub-conscious) consideration set.
  3. The digital revolution is reinventing shopper behaviour
    Digital touchpoints can strongly reinforce or disrupt brand preferences so having the right digital presence and right messaging is important to influence decision making at the right moments.
  4. New disruptive e-commerce models evolve everyday
    Brands need to consider new routes to markets and be available in new channels that offer greater convenience and quicker fulfilment.
  5. Omnichannel brings together the physical and digital worlds
    Retailers increasingly need to offer seamless solutions; “fluidity” is becoming a new “currency” that can differentiate retailers.

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