Local management team

Abdul Sattar Babar

Country manager in Pakistan

Umar Hayat Abbasi

Chief Finance Officer

Maimuna Shafaat

Head of Qual

Adil Jamil

Head of Quant

Aftab Ahmed

Head of Operations

MENA - Regional management team

Edouard Monin

Ipsos in MENA Chairman & CEO

Elie Aoun

Ipsos Connect CEO - MENA

Joseph Habre

Ipsos Operations & IIS CEO - MENA

Mustapha Tabba

Ipsos in MENA COO & Ipsos Loyalty COO - MENA

Mohammed Minawi

Regional Senior Director for Ipsos Marketing - MENA

Rana Srouji

Regional Senior Director for Partnering and ASI - MENA

Global management

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