Views on Digital Banking In Qatar

Usage, attitudes and future outlook on digital banking and new financial services in Qatar.

With the rise in digital banking and new financial services, 94% of Qatar’s banked population said that they have used digital banking channels. Digital channels are the most preferred method of interacting with banks, with 4 in 10 stating mobile banking applications as their preferred channel, while only 28% preferred the visiting an ATM.

 While 81% still trust traditional banks, only 26% believe that non-traditional financial service providers will be the future of finance, with 42% saying they trust mobile service providers and 26% trust well-known digital brands to carry out financial transactions.

 Looking at the future, 46% said that they will be making all their financial transactions through digital banking in the future, 41% believe that people would no longer use cash as a payment method, and 31% saying they are willing to try new financial services and payment methods.