Get Fair or Fail: Why Fairness is Key to Business Success

Acknowledgement of customer experience (CX) as a driver of business performance is at an all-time high, with most companies making significant investments to meet their customers’ needs. But for many the question remains, how do you choose which customers or situations to prioritise?

In 2016, after extensive research in the USA and Australia, Ipsos Loyalty introduced a CX metric called the Customer:Company Effort Ratio (C:CER) in an article called ‘Are Your Customers Working Too Hard?’. C:CER proved to be three times better at predicting the likelihood of a customer using a company again after a poor experience or complaint than the ‘Customer Effort score’ alone.

Now, new research in 14 UK service sectors further validates the findings of the original R&D, shedding new light on why it is crucial for organisations to get the perceived balance of effort right.

Download ‘Get Fair or Fail: Why fairness is key to business success’ now to discover how to judge what incidents are critical, which customers are expendable and what the most suitable and cost-effective response or intervention will be cost-effective and give you a competitive advantage.

All customer complaints are equal. But some are more equal than others. The challenge is to be fair to all of them – fair enough?