Overnight Services

Overnight testing of insights, ideas and concepts that delivers evaluation, optimisation and strategic alignment.

What for?

To help our clients accelerate innovation and improve their innovation success rates.

How it works?

  • Tests up to 100 insights or ideas and up to 5 concepts (10 in the U.S.)
  • Identifies winners, provides guidance for making ideas and concepts stronger, and delivers Archetype Innovation Profiles
  • Delivers results the morning after you submit your stimuli

Why our solution is unique?

  • A device-agnostic approach that lets consumers choose which device to answer our surveys on
  • Proven measures of success based on our Innovation Success Framework
  • Built-in optimisation that makes ideas and concepts stronger and more likely to succeed.

Ipsos Device Agnostic

Here’s what our clients have to say about our overnight testing approach:

The 24-hour turnaround really added something magical to the experience and we could see the quality of ideas being really elevated after the test results. 

Even with several last minute changes, it fielded smoothly and we received reports even earlier than expected. We were able to get everything we needed. The results from the overnights were key in guiding what was discussed in the focus groups.