Africap - African Youth

Africa has the world’s youngest population. Young people account for 60% of the continent’s population. More specifically, there are 220 million young people aged 15-24 in Africa. According to a UNESCO forecast, there will be 350 million in 2030.

Africa’s 15-24 year-olds play a key role: they want to educate themselves, work, consume, have fun, and enjoy readily available electricity and Internet service. One in five has already bought a product or service using a mobile phone. In the most high-tech African cities, demand from 15-24 year-olds is stimulating modern retail growth and sales of branded products.
These young people possess incredible potential for consuming new products, forming new habits and adopting new lifestyles. They have also demonstrated a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit and openness to new technologies, factors that are expected to boost economic activity and innovation.
With difficult daily lives that often disrupt their plans, these young Africans embody all of the opportunities and challenges Africa will face in the next ten years. Why should we believe in Africa’s young people? Precisely because their ambition, energy and confidence in the future have reached a level that is hard to find elsewhere.
This new quarterly bulletin focuses on the values, aspirations and consumer behaviours of 15-24 year-olds in 7 African countries.