Ipsos European Public Affairs

The European Public Affairs (EPA) team is an expert centre in pan-European and global research and advisory services, dedicated to meeting clients’ evolving information needs. Critical to the success of our multi-country studies are the three foundational pillars of our approach:

Centralised management:  We have centralised processes for sampling and questionnaire design, project coordination and oversight, quality assurance, data editing/processing, and analysis and reporting. This ensures speed and efficiency in delivery, as well as cross-national consistency and comparability.

Glocalism: We leverage Ipsos’ strong local presence and access, combined with its unparalleled global infrastructure, including state-of- the art technology and operational process (covering sampling, software development, survey scripting, translations, a global CATI network, data processing, advanced data analysis and data visualisation).

Policy understanding: We are deeply familiar with the key policy themes shaping debate in Europe and beyond, including the environment and sustainability; technology and digitisation; political values and democratic engagement; public  health and wellbeing; and the economy. For us, researching these themes effectively means placing consumers and  other stakeholders at the centre to really understand how they view, or are affected by, policies or debate. 

Expert centres: We ensure the consistent application of methodological rigour and best practice to identify optimal research solutions, whether in the form of large-scale surveys, qualitative or deliberative approaches, behavioural analysis, social media monitoring or advanced statistical techniques. We stay abreast of emerging technologies and techniques, such as generative AI, neuroscience and VR, to understand how these might add value to our work.




Key contacts in EPA


Managing Director

Christine Tresignie: [email protected]

Operations Director 

Femke Maes: [email protected]

Policy Research

Sara Gysen: [email protected]

Opinion & Politics / Qualitative Research

Sara Davidson: [email protected]

Data & Evidence

Kim DeCuyper: [email protected]

Quantitative Methods & Analytics

Femke Dekeulenaer: [email protected]


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