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A to Z solution for qualitative recruitment in Belgium.

Discover the key to creating profound DIRECT connections with your audience through our new Qualitative Recruitment Services.

Are you looking for a more profound connection with your target audience and get directly in contact with them in a setting of your choice (on location, trough MS Teams or Zoom, in-home,…)? Are you in need of qualitative recruitment service instead of a full-service research?

Let Ipsos take away the burden of the logistics that come with the recruitment of participants. As leader in market research, Ipsos can assist you with the most fitted solution to your needs. All we require from you is a briefing about the target group and when you need them, and our experienced Ipsos team will take the reins of the project from A to Z, from administration to follow-up and quality control.

What our experienced Ipsos researchers and project managers do for you:

  • Creation of the screening document for the final selection of participants

  • Management of all practical communications with the respondents (appointment making, sending reminders, provision of the incentive, GDPR compliance,…)

  • Recruitment management in both French and Dutch

  • Rigorous quality control of participants

  • Expert guidance throughout the process

  • If needed, an experienced Ipsos qualitative researcher can collaborate with you in the development of a discussion guide, moderating sessions, and so on.

Want to have meaningful conversations with your audience, without being bothered by the logistics?

Reach out to us at [email protected] with your request, and we'll be delighted to jump into a call to see how we can assist you.