Professional vacancies

Joining Ipsos means developing your career in the very top tier of research. With 18,000 people employed in 90 markets, we are one of the largest and best known research companies.

As a curious and intuitive individual, an enthusiastic professional with a passion for creating knowledge, at Ipsos you will be fully dedicated to finding the best solutions for our clients.


Market Research

Junior qualitative research

Research Executive - Unlimited Understanding (Ghent/Antwerp) - FR/ENG

Senior quantitative research

Research Consultant -  Customer Experience (Ghent)

Research Consultant - Creative Excellence (Ghent) 

Senior project management

Project Manager -  Mystery Shopping (Ghent)


European Research Methods Centre

Suvey Data Specialist (Leuven) 

Spontaneous applications

We are always looking for junior and senior talent! 
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Quantitative Senior Researcher (NL)

Quantitative Senior Research Manager (NL)

Quantitative Senior Researcher (FR)

Internships 2023-2024

Research Executive Trainee (Quantitative) (Ghent - Leuven - Antwerp - Semester 1 & 2)

Trainee HR (Ghent - Semester 1 & 2)

Field Jobs

Enquêteur Face to Face (NL)  (Brussel)

Enquêteur F-A-F (FR)  (Bruxelles)

Call Center Enquêteur (NL) - Optie téléwerk

Télé-Enquêteur (FR) - Option télétravail

Mystery Shopper (NL) 

Visiteur Mystère (FR)



Working at Ipsos

  • You arrive in a young and driven team where collegiality is not an empty word

  • We do a lot of activities with the colleagues to get to know each other better

  • We like people to grow, but preferably at a pace they feel comfortable with themselves

  • ​You work in an international environment

  • You help customers whose brands and products you, your family, and friends know and use yourself

  • You add the opinion of the consumer to the decision process of a lot of companies in Belgium, in other words impact!

  • You work on a project base so you have a lot of variety

  • You get to know divers customers and sectors

  • We invest in divers trainings so you can acquire knowledge and experience as fast as possible

  • We work with the latest technologies like eye tracking, social listening, virtual reality, …

atmosphere at Ipsos Belgium


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