Keeping it fresh: being on trend in food and drink

This paper will look at how five macro trends – which are shaped by consumers’ views on life and perceptions of the world that surrounds them – can provide inspiration for innovation.

The competitive environment is tough for innovation – to identify the next big thing, to be ahead of the trend or at best be with the trend to remain relevant and fresh to the consumer. Ideation at the outset of innovation can come from many places including other categories, different countries and cultures, stories of provenance, ingredients offering health benefits, or by monitoring and predicting trends from social media.

This paper looks to a very different source of inspiration - the opportunity to tap into and leverage macro societal, technological and economic trends (underpinned by Ipsos’ Global Trends Survey).

Five macro trends, including digital detox, healthification, and personalisation and customisation are presented in the paper. This is alongside examples and illustrations of how these trends manifest themselves in different categories and how the food and drink sectors could leverage them to gain a competitive edge through smarter new product development, packaging formats, communications and even potentially via launch activation.

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