Pakistan│Summary Quarter 1, 2022


Key highlights of the survey :

  1. 4 in 5 respondents believe country heading in the wrong direction, situation has worsened by 7% in the past one year
  2. Unemployment & inflation are top issues concerning Pakistanis consistently since Aug’19, Compared with march of 2021, 12% more respondents reportedly worried about inflation
  3. Only 8% Pakistanis rate the current state of economy as ‘strong’. Those who decisively call it ‘weak’ have increased by 14 percentage points in the last one year
  4. Similarly, 1 in 2 foresee it remaining weak in next 6 months
  5. Also, Only 8% Pakistanis rate their current financial situation ‘strong’, Those who decisively call it ‘weak’ have increased by 15 percentage points in the last one year
  6. Similarly, more than half expect their financial situation to be even weaker in upcoming 6 months
  7. Reflecting last one year, 86% Pakistanis are less confident about job security as compared to one year ago
  8. 50% Pakistanis claimed to Personally know someone who lost their job as a result of economic conditions, situation was slightly better an year ago
  9. 84% Pakistanis are not confident about their ability to invest in future, 85% are not confident to make a major purchase and 85% are less comfortable in making household purchases
  10. Compared with the same month last year, Pakistan Consumers’ Confidence Index has gone down by only 8.3 points, which is the lowest among similar emerging markets