What a difference a year makes

Profiling the ‘Digital Doctor’ in 2021

Specific knowledge of and experience with digital health (technologies for healthcare and health related uses) among doctors has increased during the pandemic.

The 2021 Ipsos Digital Doctor survey found there has been a significant increase in the past 12 months of doctors being more knowledgeable about telemedicine and AI.

The tracker is now in its fourth wave (2015, 2017, 2020 and 2021) and this latest wave covers 14 countries (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, USA, China, Russia, Turkey, India, Japan,  Australia, South Korea).

The results show, with the removal of significant barriers expressed by doctors in previous surveys, many now have experience of communicating with patients virtually. For example, in USA 70% are now using telehealth, in the UK 63% and Spain 51%.

Of those using telehealth, seven in 10 started to use it during the pandemic, and its hasty introduction may have resulted in a feeling of some lack of education on its use.

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Digital Doctor

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