MENA's Millennials Decoded

A Glimpse into MENA's Most Disruptive Generation

Millennials are the largest generation in history, and their impact on the world around them has been profound. In MENA the same holds true, with millennials making up 57% of the population*, they are disrupting the status quo, and bringing about new trends and ideologies as well as a different way of living.

In order to better understand this generation of trendsetters and leverage the potential offered by millennials, Ipsos in MENA launched “#Millennials”, the first and most comprehensive syndicated study in the region covering this segment.

#Millennials covered 8 key markets in MENA, and this report highlights the key trends that best define this generation, focusing on insights relating to their lifestyles, behaviors, and attitudes, which in turn enables brands to better understand and engage with this increasingly important segment.

*Source: United Nations DESA Population Division 2015