Online Video Adverts : The Influence of Context in Taiwan

Online video growth has been hugely dramatic in the last few years, rising from US$ 16b in 2015 to an estimated US$ 24b in 2017. Because of this strong growth, it has been a hot topic of discussion amongst brand marketers in Taiwan, even though there seems to be a lack of deep understanding of how to truly optimise this growing touchpoint.

The author(s)

  • Darren Freeman Ipsos Connect, Taiwan
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How did we uncover the viewer’s receptivity towards online video adverts in Taiwan?

In 2015, Ipsos conducted a research study in Taiwan which was uniquely designed by adopting an integrated multi-phase research programme.

A mobile app diary for moment-of-truth insights, followed by qualitative in-depth interviews involving natural browsing on their own device (with eye-tracking neuro-science technique), and then validated by a larescale quantitative survey:

  1. Mobile App Diary
  2. Qualitative Deep Dive
  3. Quantitative Validation

What was discovered through this research?

A number of fascinating insights were uncovered, which will be delved into later in this POV article, but the key take-outs shows us that:

  1. Context matters for all forms of media : so understanding the motivations behind media habits becomes especially important
  2. The ad exposure does not always result in an actual view : and the attention level on content with each media means a lot
  3. Deeper viewer engagement is an achievable goal : if brands can ensure focus on the specific role that each media represents & how best to leverage this

It is clear that the key findings uncovered from this research focus on several areas of interest:

  1. YouTube is the top choice for video content in Taiwan
  2. Taiwanese people turn to YouTube for their preferred content
  3. YouTube audiences are engaged
  4. YouTube visitors come with a purpose
  5. YouTube influences viewers across their purchase journeys

What this research very clearly tells us,is that sensory engagement to an online video advert differs by which platform it is seen on. And this difference occurs because of the context during the ad exposure.

YouTube is Taiwan’s top destination for online video content,because the context mirrors what advertising needs to be successful: focused motivation,suitable and relevant behaviour,does not make the viewer work hard,engages the viewer,and offers unique content.

YouTube is the first place digital Taiwanese turn to for the video content they love. Whether they’re looking for entertainment,for product information,or to learn something new,their top choice is YouTube. This makes YouTube the perfect medium for brands to engage with their consumers,thanks to the relevant engaging context that visitors to YouTube experiences,and that should be a critical consideration for advertisers when deciding where to place their ad dollars.

The author(s)

  • Darren Freeman Ipsos Connect, Taiwan