Ipsos Update – June 2023

Inflation, agriculture, eCommerce… Ipsos Update explores the latest and greatest research & thinking on key topics from Ipsos teams around the world.

Has concern about inflation plateaued? Our What Worries the World survey suggests so – although concern remains at historically high levels, it has at least stopped rising each month. We explore public expectations surrounding inflation in more detail in the new wave of our 29-country Inflation Monitor.

Also in this edition: how consumers have taken advantage of social media to drive the future of brands; how climate change, globalisation and technological advances will all shape the future of farming; the rapid expansion of eCommerce in the MENA region; and how brands can assess the impacts that their ESG efforts have on brand choice.

We also travel the globe to explore the latest findings from Ipsos in different countries; take a look at a selection below:

In this edition:

Inflation Monitor

The latest wave of the Ipsos Global Inflation Monitor finds that in 26 of 29 countries, more people think their country is in recession than think it is not.
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The Shifting Power of Influence

Brands are no longer fully in control of their narrative. Social media considerably amplifies the voice of the consumers to drive the future of the brands in a positive or negative way.
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Beyond the Screen

People do not separate their online and offline experiences into separate boxes; they feel equally real to us, existing on the same continuum. Communities should not be an exception.
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What Worries the World

Of the 29 countries included in our survey, Argentina stands out, with inflation concern reaching a record-high and the proportion describing the country’s economy as “good” reaching a record-low.
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What the Future – Farming

What we grow, where we grow it and who grows it have all shifted due to macro forces like climate change, globalisation and technology advancements. How will farms of the future adapt and thrive?
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Shopping Redefined

The Middle East is witnessing rapid expansion in the eCommerce market, making it one of the fastest-growing regions globally. How is the landscape changing and what can brands and businesses do to adapt?
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Sustainability Matters

Understanding the importance of sustainability to consumers and how this impacts choice can be a difficult challenge for brands to navigate. We demonstrate how to ensure ESG efforts resonate.
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Ipsos Flair - Italy 2023

In the first of our series of spotlights we turn to Italy – a country, like many major European nations, overwhelmed by a polyphony of crises.
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Also find short articles on our June ESG webinar, how far sustainability goes towards creating a great employee experience, and the geographical and generational differences when it comes to matters of faith.