Ipsos Press Release: Clarification of Results for Georgia Pre-Elections

Ipsos conducted a pre-election study in 5 Georgian cities

Press Release 

Clarification of Results for Georgia Pre-Elections 

Tbilisi, Friday, October 29th 

On October 27th, 2021 Ipsos released to our client Mtavari TV pre-election polling results for the five main cities in Georgia. Mtavari TV published these results just before the polling ban. The results released by Mtavari TV for the city of Zugdidi were different from what Ipsos delivered to them and what Ipsos published on our web site. 

Ipsos believes this mix up was due to a misunderstanding at Mtavari TV about what was intended to be released. Our report to Mtavari TV included the full weighted and unweighted results for Zugdidi. As is Ipsos’s practice, this was done to provide full transparency about the polling to our media client. Mtavari TV unfortunately released the unweighted results, which are preliminary and not intended for public release, as opposed to the weighted results, which are correct and final. This is the source of the confusion. 

Ipsos confirms that the correct polling results for Zugdidi are the weighted results. These are available here on our website https://www.ipsos.com/en-ua/local-run-2021-georgia-pre-election-study-5-cities . 

Ipsos is committed to providing accurate election polling results whenever and wherever we conduct election polls. We are also committed to being transparent about how we do our polls. Ipsos believes that accurate, transparent election polling is good for democracy. 

© 2021, Ipsos This polling release and the data contained in it are not designed to support any election outcome or prediction model and no license to use the polling release or the data is either granted or implied by their publication. Ipsos does not endorse, and has no responsibility for the accuracy of, the result of any predictive model that incorporates this polling data. Furthermore, any use of this information to produce polling aggregations or election models without Ipsos’ written permission will be considered a violation of our intellectual property, and Ipsos reserves the right to take appropriate legal action. 

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