Ipsos Update - May 2021

Climate change, vacations and vaccine passports, President Biden’s first 100 days and the latest trends in South Korean society are some of the featured topics in this month’s round-up of research and thinking from Ipsos around the world.

Here is a list of the content you’ll find in May’s Ipsos Update:

Earth Day 2021: In what is supposed to be a “super year” for international environmental policy, we find a widespread lack of public confidence that governments have a plan in place to tackle climate change. Two 30-country surveys reveal attitudes to climate change action as well as misperceptions around the actions that have the most impact on the environment.


What Worries the World?: Climate change doesn’t make it onto the list of the most worrying issues in our 28-country survey. Rather, Covid-19 remains the top concern. But this is a mixed picture, with the last month seeing large increases in Coronavirus concern in some countries and declines in others. Meanwhile, two-thirds (65%) worldwide say that things in their country are heading in the wrong direction. Read more.


Vaccine Passports: We find widespread public support for implementing Covid-19 passports as a requirement for international travel in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Two-thirds of our respondents across 28 countries expect to see them in use by the end of the year. Read more.


The Future of Vacations: As we prepare for the big reset in travel, this report from our US team examines how both leisure and business travel can recover and adapt. We explore shifting traveller preferences, draw on industry insights and consider the impact of new innovations such as virtual travel. Read more.


Product Subscriptions: Having products regularly delivered to your door via subscriptions has seen a recent surge in popularity. But is this just a flirtation or is there real commitment from customers? We look at what drives people to sign up and think about how retailers can ensure success in the long-term. Read more.


Biden’s First 100 Days: America is in a very different place today than it was in January 2021. We look back at how public opinion has shifted in the first 100 days of Biden's presidency and consider the key challenges ahead. Read more.


South Korea: Our 2021 edition of Ipsos Flair, “Leading the Way”, presents an in-depth view of public opinion and consumer trends in a country that looks to have escaped some of the worst impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic. See the full report or the 10 key points.


Also find short features on podcasts and webinars, sports reports, and the Scottish elections.