Advertising: finally… a 'Misfit' Christmas ad

소중한 사람들과 선물을 교환하고 즐거운 시간을 보내는Christmas, 우리 모두에게 의미 있는 날입니다. 2022년, 인플레이션과 불황이 올해 크리스마스를 약간 다른 풍경으로 만들긴 했지만 여전히 크리스 마스 광고는 우리에게 중요합니다. 여전히 우리 모두에게 중요한 크리스마스광고, 그 중 강력한 크리에이티브 이펙트를 보여준 Misfit 크리스 마스 광고에 대한 Ipsos의 인사이트를 공유합니다.

Finally a Misfits Christmas ad!

Hailed as the champion of Christmas creative, John Lewis, since their first Christmas ad landed in 2010, we’ve seen other brands looking to them as a type of Christmas advertising checklist. And the result? A series of warm-hearted moments, all blurring into each other, and not particularly distinct to the advertised brands. A “sea of sameness” that has become a trend in its own right, joining other unwelcome trends in advertising’s pantheon, such as COVID-19 and Sustainability. All saying the same thing in the same way.

So, imagine our joy when we came across an ad launched at this time of year that is, well, a bit different. Belvedere Vodka Presents Daniel Craig, directed by Academy Award winning New Zealand filmmaker, actor and comedian, Taika Waititi. While not referencing Christmas, the ad certainly has a place in the Christmas fanfare, at the top of the tree, or as the ultimate New Year’s celebration ad, lighting up social media, at the time of publishing with an impressive 3.5M views on YouTube. Based on this view count, it is clearly content people are enjoying and seeking out. The question is, does it have the potential to drive sales and grow the Belvedere Vodka brand?

In this paper, Ipsos reveal why the campaign is a true 'Misfit' advert and explore the creative drivers behind this stellar creative and other effective ads in the drinks category.

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