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20+ years of validated history predicting Market Potential for business initiatives

New product development is like any investment. Some outperform. Some fall short. Some take all of your money and never return a dime. 

At Ipsos Vantis, our job is to increase your return on those investments. We focus your business on the winners. The world’s largest database of new innovations delivers insights to uncover hidden winners – the breakthroughs and niche plays your competitors systematically miss. We optimize and simulate launch scenarios for your initiatives, translating market research into dollars and cents.
It is possible to win more, and to win bigger. Explore Ipsos Vantis to learn how.
Innovation and brand management research solutions, linked to real-world business metrics.

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Competitive intelligence on the biggest developments in your category.

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World’s largest database of innovations in technology, durable goods, health, finance, services and other business sectors.

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