The Economy and Unemployment replace Healthcare as Australians’ top concerns amid the COVID-19 crisis

The Ipsos Issues Monitor is Australia’s longest running ongoing survey of community concerns. We’ve checked-in with Australians’ worries each and every month more than a decade.

So, what are we most concerned about amid the COVID-19 crisis, how are our worries changing and which political party do we believe is most capable to manage these issues?

Download the Ipsos Issues Monitor – concerns during COVID-19 special infographic for May 2020 AND check out these three things you need to know about what we are worried about and who we trust to manage these issues.

  • In May 2020, The Economy (53%) has replaced Healthcare as the top issue facing the nation with Unemployment as the second most nominated issue (43%). Healthcare (36%), Cost of Living (24%) and The Environment (23%) rounded out the top five.
  • Worries regarding the top two issues of The Economy and Unemployment increased between May and April, with Australians’ concerns around Healthcare decreasing considerably -19%.
  • So that’s what we’re worried about, but which political parties do we believe are most capable to manage us through this crisis? In May, Australians’ were more likely to nominate the Coalition ahead of the ALP as the party most capable to manage our top two worries of The Economy (42% Coalition, 26% ALP) and Unemployment (34%, 31%) with Australians believing both parties equally capable of managing Healthcare (33%,33%). 

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