Essentials by Ipsos

Data Processing and Delivery

Providing high data-quality standards, we can deliver data in whatever format works best for you. We have powerful data processing and analysis capabilities – from standard to advanced options.

Ipsos Observer has in-house data processing and analysis capabilities. Data can be provided by the client for a stand-alone data processing service, or DP can form part of our full-service offering. Our processing and analysis packages are seamlessly linked to state of the art CAPI, CATI and online software. All our data processing procedures are verified to ISO 20252 and ISO 9001 standards.

Summary of Data Processing and Analysis

  • Do-It yourself platform
  • Data visualisation/Infographics
  • Charts and tables
  • Coding and data entry
  • Automated reporting
  • Advanced Analytics (Max-Diff, Segmentation, Choice modelling etc)
  • Standard data formats (SPSS, Q, SAS, CSV and many more)

Summary of our dashboard features

  • Customize charts by selecting the chart type most suitable for each question
  • Filter the results by demographics and specific answers from any of the survey questions
  • Customize results: alphabetize, sort order, view percentages, counts or both
  • Show/Hide charts in the report
  • Edit labels for both questions and answers
  • export in native PowerPoint or excel

Coding and Text Analytics

Interrogate your data from structured (open ended surveys) or unstructured (social media data) using text analytics. Smart, Efficient and Scalable for large and complex data volumes.

For smaller data collection activities Ipsos recommends a human or semi-autonomously coded process. All our coding and data entry work is subject to Ipsos's rigorous quality controls. Validated, accurate and verified.