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Use Ipsos' DIY solution FastFacts to get fast answers to your business questions with our full end-to-end solution. World-class market research in the blink of an eye.

Our digital DIY platform is fast and easy to use. It takes only minutes to set up the research and results are available within a few in a matter of hours. FastFacts provides you with complete control over your project. You decide when to launch the fieldwork and manage it all at your own pace. We can also provide support if you need it, with our experienced researchers available on request.

FastFacts can be used to:

  • Get a quick pulse on consumer sentiments
  • Explore usage, behaviour, consumer opinions
  • Collect and understand spontaneous reactions to a statement, event or crisis
  • Inform proposals or business decisions
  • Power strategies or defend investments
  • Deep dive into findings from traditional full-service research

Get fast answers to your business questions


BUILD your survey to add questions you want to ask and link them through logic conditions


REVIEW the survey created before sharing it with respondents

AI Text Analytics

AI-DRIVEN tool that helps you leverage Ipsos’ expertise in survey design

Gather consumer input to guide business decisions and access your results as quickly as 24 hours