Our State of Mind

Our State of Mind, a ground-breaking initiative between Ipsos and The B Well Coalition.

Ipsos has joined forces with The B Well Coalition as part of the B Team Australasia to shed light on the state of mental wellbeing culture in the workplace and empower organisations to make positive changes.

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Why this research is critical

Both Ipsos and The B Well Coalition recognise the critical importance of mental wellbeing culture in the workplace. Our State of Mind is a unique approach which provides the following benefits:

  • Benchmarking: So companies have context to know what their results mean among their peers.
  • Validated analysis: A rigorous process was undertaken to develop the survey tool in this new area of research.
  • Anonymity and Independence: Developed and executed by independent research company Ipsos, employees were assured of their anonymity with an independent inquiry into their workplace.
  • National Coordination: The national benchmark was undertaken at the same time as the companies who joined to have their employees participate.
  • Uncovering Best Practices: Companies who perform well in different areas of mental wellbeing culture will share what they do to achieve this.
  • Celebrating Efforts: The study also allows a rare shared celebration of effort in an uncompetitive environment of collaboration.

Our approach

To provide a robust survey that would provide insights that meet these objectives, the Our State of Mind program included a;

  1. Pilot Phase: We designed the benchmark survey, laying the foundation for the study.
  2. Benchmark Phase: We conducted a nationally representative study in Australia to understand attitudes and perceptions amongst employees.
  3. Comparison Phase: We conducted a survey to assess and evaluate our 9 partner companies to understand how they compare to the benchmark.

But the project won’t stop there as we look to continue in 2023 and beyond. If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out to [email protected].

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