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InnoTest is Ipsos’ behavioural science based innovation testing solution, now available in DIY.


Constant evolution is the new normal but getting the attention of consumers today is harder than in the past. Consumers are bombarded with advertisements and standing out among thousands of new products launched every year means innovating is more challenging than ever before. When it comes to adopting innovations in today’s world of distractions, consumers have adapted by making fast, intuitive and effortless decisions.

InnoTest is grounded in behavioural science and replicates how consumers make choices in real life.


GAMIFIED APPROACH chooses between the innovation and the consumer defined competition

Response Time

RESPONSE TIME detects conviction or hesitation in choice

AI Text Analytics

AI TEXT ANALYTICS help understand emotions associated with choices

What makes InnoTest so effective? It engages consumers in a way that closely mimics the decisions people make by focusing on:

Real People

We talk to your consumers –no matter how targeted – without losing the ability to compare to norms

Real Behaviour

We capture behaviour in the true competitive context your innovations are actually up against in the market

Real Success

We are innovation experts, we understand the behavioural science of innovation adoption


InnoTest delivers outcomes that will truly impact your business

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