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Creative|Spark gives you the insights you need to launch the most effective piece of advertising in as little as 24 hours


In an attention deficit economy, creative needs to stand out from the crowd. More than ever, strong creative is paramount to delivering short-and long-term business value. Advertisers need instant access to learnings embedded in the latest scientific thinking.

Quickly evaluate and optimise video creative

Creative|Spark is a new cutting edge rapid creative evaluation service from the toolbox that that allows you to:


EVALUATE the power of creative to capture and retain Branded Attention


ASSESS short and long term brand effects, underpinned by sales validations


MEASURE a unique combination of thoughts, feelings and immediate emotions, via facial coding


OPTIMIZE with action-based reporting

What makes Creative|Spark so effective?

Design & Metrics

Design and metrics grounded on Behavioral Science, Data Science and Neuroscience with Text analytics and AI supervised machine learning algorithms.

Holistic diagnostics

Holistic diagnostics and concise reporting for fast optimization with key signals of creative potential.

24hr evaluation

Evaluates finished Videos and animatics in as little as 24 hours.


Offered in a range of options from self-serve to full service, to fit your timings, budget, and business needs.

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Be bold, be creative. Spark your business.

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