CASE: Social Intelligence provides insights into everyday life with Autism

How can psychiatrists uncover the social lives of adults with autism and their own perception of barriers in their lives?

Case: Capital Region of Denmark


CASE | Capital Region of Denmark | Social Intelligence Analytics | Ipsos Denmark

The autism/ADHD outpatient clinic within adult psychiatry in the Capital Region is challenged in relation to both diagnostics and treatment of adults with autism. This is primarily because autism is a relatively new diagnosis, which until now has been rooted in child/adolescent psychiatry.

Using Social Intelligence Analytics (SIA), Ipsos collected large amounts of data from digital forums and internet searches, which have been processed with the help of AI tools. This gives new access into understanding both the social behaviour of the patient group and how they experience their own lives, which Ipsos has structured into solid insights. The results provide psychiatrists and researchers with solid new data that will help strengthen both diagnostics and treatment of adults with autism.

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Ipsos' Social Intelligence is a fantastic and unique way of collecting data on this relatively undescribed population by enabling us to listen to their digital interaction and dialogue in their lived lives as opposed to the traditional contrived patient/doctor situation.

- Director of Autism Research, Mental Health Services, Capital Region



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