Consumer Fundamentals
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Consumer Fundamentals

How do I segment people and occasions to maximize business potential?


Our deep segmentation expertise enables us to help you define growth objectives, select variables that drive brand choice, and ensure the segmentation is embedded in your organization. We offer a range of segmentation options, including:

  • Needs Based Segmentation: Deeply understand consumer needs and motivations to develop consumer relevant offerings and communication.
  • Demand Space Segmentation: Examine the intersection of people, context and needs to predict brand choice and target consumers based on who they are AND how and why they use your products.
  • Connected Segmentation: Create targetable consumer segments using unique characteristics that allow for linkages to databases and personalized marketing.
  • SLICE: Integrate our agile segmentation module into any survey to define consumer segments quickly and cost-efficiently.

At Ipsos, Segmentation is a team journey, with each step having clear objectives and added value.

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