Management in HK

Ipsos in Hong Kong, part of the Ipsos Group, is a leading HK research company with global reach. We specialise in researching Advertising (brand equity and communications); Loyalty (customer and employee relationship management); Marketing (consumer, retail & shopper and healthcare); Media (media, content and technology), Social & political research and Reputation research.

We are committed to being the passionate, happy and fun team who clients turn to first for research insights and specialist expertise, such that we deliver extraordinary results. We are constantly growing.


Mick Gordon

Managing Director

Senior Management Team

Clare Lui

Executive Director, Ipsos Connect

Annie Chan

Executive Director, Ipsos Marketing

Paul Yao

Executive Director, Ipsos UU

Samuel Lam

Director, Ipsos Healthcare

Amy Chai

Executive Director, Ipsos Loyalty

Herrick Liu

Executive Director, Ipsos Operations

Betty Chan

Senior HR Manager

Nicolas Bijuk

Marketing Director

Dixon Choi



Global management

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