IPSOS WEBINAR SERIES: Key Predictions, Perceptions & Expectations (19 February 2020)

Join our free webinars on 19 or 20 February to find out what citizens of Hong Kong and the world thought of 2019, what they expect will happen this year and which (mis)perceptions people still hold about their own populations in 2020.


2019 Assessment & 2020 Predictions

What did citizens globally and in Hong Kong thought of 2019 for themselves, their market, or the world? Who is feeling best or worst about the coming year? Which major events do people think are most likely to happen - or not?


Perils of Perception

Our Global Ipsos study Perils of Perception is back in 2020, having explored the gap between people’s perceptions and the reality since 2012 across the world - and this year including Hong Kong! This unique analysis of misperceptions examines why people around the world are so wrong about key aspects of their own population, and the consequences for governments, business & society.


What Worries the World

What worries the world in 2020? Which markets are the most worried about specific issues? How has the situation evolved year-on-year? What are the long term vs short term trends globally, vs in China? Find out the exclusive results from our proprietary global survey.


Join this free Ipsos webinar to find out our answers to all those questions and more, and get access to exclusive Ipsos data & insights.