Ipsos' Creative Excellence new video sparks Creativity

Creativity is Business. Ipsos’ Creative Excellence bringing back the magic.

At Ipsos we believe that Creativity is business and that Creativity starts with people.

Our approach centres around how our Creative Excellence Teams can help fuel your creative development process and unleash insights and advertising that acts as a spark for our clients’ campaigns.

Launched on 20th March 2019, this new video from Ipsos Creative Excellence takes viewers through the entire creative development journey showing how Ipsos Creative Excellence can:

  • Help our clients reveal a big idea
  • Nurture early creative and content
  • Evaluate and optimise campaigns and videos
  • Monitor the impact of a campaign in-market

Speaking in support of the video, Shaun Dix, Creative Excellence Global Service Line Leader said “our expert teams around the world focus on how we can combine art, science and knowledge to help our clients unleash creative, bold and noticeable campaigns; and we wanted to create a short film true to our mantra of creativity. We hope this video brings our story to life and will make a lasting impression.”

Watch the video here to see how Ipsos Creative Excellence can help spark your creativity and accelerate your business!

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