Global Business Influencers | APAC 2021

The Global Business Influencers survey can help you reach and understand this important audience, providing vital insight into their lives.

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  • James Torr Ipsos Connect, UK
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GBI APAC launch


Global Business Influencers is the industry currency for reaching and understanding business leaders across 30 countries, representing more than 75% of the world economy. They are the most senior business people in companies with 50+ employees. The majority are c-suite level and are a niche audience, representing less than 1% of the population. Considering their spending power, net worth and the budgets they control, they are disproportionately important for B2B marketers. They represent the key to profitability for sectors such as: finance, technology, luxury, automotive and travel, with an average personal income of US$487,770.

The key characteristics of the survey are:

• Global coverage across 30 key markets in Africa, Asia-Pacific (inc. Indonesia, Australia, China, India, Japan), Europe, the Middle East and the USA

• Insight into: media behaviour & engagement, business, travel, technology, financial, luxury, attitudes & opinions and lifestyle habits

• Fully harmonised content, trends across all regions

• Brand-centric media measurement

The questionnaire covered 180 data points across 30 markets and core sectors such as: travel, luxury, media & technology, and business. The survey enables key insights about business leader’s corporate decisions and purchasing habits. 


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The author(s)

  • James Torr Ipsos Connect, UK

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