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Mystery Shopping

Measuring the delivery of Brand and Customer Experience promises.

Are you delivering on your promises to customers, and regulatory demands, every step of the way? Mystery Shopping measures the delivery of Brand and Customer Experience (CX) promises made to customers across every customer touchpoint, channel, and market … to ensure your experience delivers, and drives the right outcomes.

With Mystery Shopping, we provide objective, unbiased feedback from trained ‘customers’ – mystery shoppers – to measure how organisations deliver on Brand and CX promises across markets, touchpoints and channels – physical locations, contact centres and digital assets (website, apps, live chat, etc.), independently, or as part of the omnichannel experience.

As the largest Mystery Shopping provider in the world, we offer solutions, from the ‘classic’ mystery shops to crowd-sourced micro shops – that are robust, reputable, and reliable. The world’s largest brands trust Ipsos for Mystery Shopping, because our programmes are better designed, better executed and drive better impact.

We have vast experience across sectors including Automotive, Financial Services, Foodservice, Healthcare/OTC, Luxury, Petroleum, Public Services & Utilities, Retail, Technology, and Transport, Travel & Leisure.

We address the business questions asked across your organisation:

  • Operations: Driving compliance to brand, customer, and legal standards or promises. How do frontline sales staff perform relative to brand or operational standards?
  • Regulatory and Compliance: Minimising risk and ensuring the safety of staff and customers. Do staff know and follow legal requirements? Are COVID-19 related government regulations being adhered to?
  • Market Research: Informing competitive intelligence. What best practices can be learnt from the competition?
  • Human Resources: Reinforcing desired behaviours. How effectively are frontline sales staff following new training programmes?
  • Marketing and sales: Delivering post-launch and promotion sales lift. How effective was a new product launch? What about promotional offers?
  • Supply Chain Management: Driving third party compliance to brand channel strategy. How effective is the channel strategy? Which partners are promoting brand versus the competition’s?
  • C-suite: Determining investment prioritisation. What is the ROI on your strategic and tactical initiatives?

To measure the execution of Brand and CX promises, we deploy trained shoppers to assess physical locations, contact centres, and digital assets. Our teams analyse the data gathered, integrate them with other research insights, and bring the information to life. Sophisticated technology platforms enable mobile data collection, real-time feedback, best-in-class reporting and video feedback and are a key part of our services, as do data integration, advanced analytics and modelling, and advisory, including training programmes and service design workshops.

Learn how Mystery Shopping can work in conjunction with Channel Sizing, Customer Counting, and Execution Measurement to improve channel performance.

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